– Preparations for Winter Season Underway at Hotel Gorfion –

The “Stiftung zur Förderung eines lebendigen Malbun” foundation has been constituted and has commenced its activities.

Vaduz, 17 June, 2016. The recently-founded “Stiftung zur Förderung eines lebendigen Malbun” foundation is currently focusing its energies on preparations for the reopening of Hotel Gorfion in the upcoming winter season.

The “Stiftung zur Förderung eines lebendigen Malbun” foundation was founded at the beginning of May. On the Board of Trustees is Chairman Heinz Nipp and the two Board Members Norbert Biedermann and Dr. Alexander Ospelt. The foundation is currently focusing its energies on the reopening of Hotel Gorfion in December. The preparations are are in full swing, and the renovations will begin in July. Work will be done on the roof, and the facades and windows of the hotel, among others. A number of renovations will also be done on the kitchen and wellness area.

With the standard high level of quality.

The hotel’s general management has now also been finalized. Lidija Denic, who has been the Hotel Manager to date will continue in her role at the helm of the Gorfion during the 2016/17 winter season. “We are pleased to have Lidija Denic, an experienced and competent manager, on board with us. Together with Lidija Denic, we will continue to manage Hotel Gorfion with the accustomed high level of quality”, says Chairman of the Board of Trustees Heinz Nipp. “In the coming months we will be fully focused on the preparations for the reopening of the hotel in the upcoming winter season.” The foundation will provide Liechtensteiners with regular information about the details of the reopening.

The involvement of other segments of the population counts

The continued operation of Hotel Gorfion is expected to benefit Malbun as a holiday and recreational destination. “Thanks to the establishment of the foundation and the efforts to this end from committed Liechtensteiners, an initiative was launched to promote a sustainable and healthy development of Malbun and the continued operation of an important hotel business. We are convinced that Malbun will remain an attractive holiday destination in the long-term if a wide range of people support and advocate for it – the greater the support from the general public, the better”, says Heinz Nipp.

But it is not only the municipalities and the country of Liechtenstein that are called upon in this regard. According to Heinz Nipp, the private sector should also advocate for the successful future of Malbun. “For us Liechtensteiners, Malbun is a beautiful recreational area and an important tourist destination in our country”, he says. “Interested Liechtensteiners have, for example, the opportunity to support Malbun as co-founders of our foundation and help actively shape its future.”

Following the reopening of the hotel, the foundation will initiate a debate with a range of interested parties on how the future of Malbun can be secured for the long-term.

About the “Stiftung zur Förderung eines lebendigen Malbun” foundation

The “Stiftung zur Förderung eines lebendigen Malbun” foundation aims to actively influence the sustainable development of tourism in Malbun, among other things, also the further development of the property of the current Hotel Gorfion. The foundation will support projects and initiatives that contribute to the attractiveness of Malbun, and will deploy economic resources for the organization of various activities such as sporting and information events as well as further education.

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