Hotel Gorfion’s General Terms and Conditions.

Hotel Gorfion’s General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”; as at August 2016) constitute an integral part of the contract of the concluded accomodation agreement and can be found at the reception and in the rooms at Hotel Gorfion.

Terms and conditions for bookings and cancellations

We request a down payment for confirmed bookings. When the down payment transfer has been made, the booking in question is confirmed from our side, which means the room will not be assigned to another party.

If an unexpected and unforeseen event arises, due to which you and your family cannot take the holiday that has been firmly booked, the following terms and conditions apply:

Up to three months prior to the planned departure date (date of arrival), cancellations can be made by means of a unilateral declaration without liability to pay a cancellation fee. If this deadline has passed, the following cancellation costs are charged:

  • three months to one month prior to arrival, 40 % of the agreed package price;
  • one month to one week prior to arrival, 70 % of the agreed package price;
  • in the last week prior to arrival, 90 % of the agreed package price.

The terms of cancellation contained in Hotel Gorfion’s GTC (Section 5) apply.

Travel cancellation and travel discontinuation insurance

We recommend that you take out travel insurance in order to avoid incurring fees in case of an unexpected cancellation.